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Sun Zhe Publication List, (Sept 16)

Papers in International Journals (peer review):

  1. Sun Zhe, Ruggero Micheletto, Non-linear and threshold effects of synaptic connectivity on the correlation parameter of a system of two coupled neurons, Journal of Non Linear Phenomena in Complex System, 19 (2), 122-134, (2016), link.
  2. Sun Zhe, Ruggero Micheletto, Noise influence on spike activation in a Hindmarsh-Rose small-world neural network, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 49(28), 28560(1)-28560(16), (2016), link.
  3. Kishino Takahisa, Zhe Sun and Ruggero Micheletto, A fast and precise HOG-Adaboost based based visual support system capable to recognize Pedestrian and estimate their distance, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8158, 20-29, 2013, link.

Papers under review:

  1. Shangkun Deng, Sun Zhe, Chaohui Qin, and Hongyu Tian, Using Random Forest for Currency Trading based on features from Ichimoku Kinkyohyo , under review.
  2. Cristiano Giordani, Hector Rivera-Gutierrez, Sun Zhe and Ruggero Micheletto, The song motor pathway in birds: a single neuron initiates a chain of events that produces bird sounds with realistic spectra properties, under review.
  3. Takahisa Kishino, Roberto Marchisio, Sun Zhe, Ruggero, Micheletto, Cross-modal codification of images with auditory stimuli: a language for the visually impaire, under review.

Abstracts and Proceedings of International Conferences :

  1. Sun Zhe, Zhu Li, Ruggero Micheletto, Andrzej Cichocki, Real time electroencephalography analysis of brainwaves during perception of visual illusions, The Vision Sciences Society, May 13-18, St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA (2016), link.
  2. Ahyi Kim, Tatsuya Takeuchi, Hiroki Uematsu, Zhe Sun, Kazuyuki Koizumi, Kahoko Takahashi, Yuya Matsumoto, Toward Constructing Disaster Mitigation Community Sensor Network In Yokohama, Japan, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, Beijing, China, (2016), link.
  3. Sun Zhe, Ruggero Micheletto, Study on the Influence of Connection Strength on Pacemaker in Coupled Neurons, 54th Conference of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers - SICE, Hangzhou, China, 28-30 July (2015), link.
  4. Sun Zhe, Emergence of intelligent behavior from a minimalistic stochastic model for the navigation of autonomous Robots, International Conference on Information Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (ISEEE),26-28 April, Sapporo, Japan (2014) link.

Abstracts and Proceedings of Japanese Conferences

  1. Sun Zhe, Ruggero Micheletto, Study of Information Processing Systems Based on Neural Network of Visual Cortex, Sensory Substitution Symposium, (2013), link.

Scientific popular articles:

  1. Sun Zhe, Ruggero Micheletto, Mechanism of ultraviolet for juvenile, Peking Juvenile Scientific Pictorial, (2014).