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23 January

Prof. R. Micheletto contribuited to the research "Deep levels in ion implanted n-type homoepitaxial GaN: Ion mass, tilt angle and dose dependence", by G. Alfieri, V.K. Sundaramoorthy and R. Micheletto. The paper is published on the Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research (link).

This work was realized by Dr. G. Alfieri (Hitachi Power Grids, Lenzburg, Switzerland) carrying out an electrical characterization study of defects in ion implanted n-type GaN. Several new defects were found below the conduction band edge and the nature of these defects is discussed in the manuscript with the aid of Monte Carlo collision simulations.

22 January

Yusuke Fjii

Master student Yusuke Fujii did a presentation at the conference "nano-optics research group" (link) with the participation of top level international researchers in Japan. His presentation title was "Research on optical blinking in InGaN/GaN single quantum wells" by Fujii Y. G. Alfieri and R. Micheletto. The slides of his presentation are here (Japanese, PDF, 1.7 Mb).

20-22 January

Akira Hirai

Master student Akira Hirai partecipated to the winter edition of the Japanese Vision Society meeting 2021. He also gave an oral presentation with the title "Visual search using VR environment and mathematical analysis of eye-gaze tracking data", by Akira Hirai and Ruggero Micheletto (PDF in English, 5.5 Mb).


15 September

Master student Yusuke Fujii contribuited to the research "The Electronic Properties of Chlorine in GaN: An Ab Initio Study", by Y. Fujii, R. Micheletto and G. Alfieri. The paper appears on the journal Physica Status Solidi (b), published by Wiley " (link).

He contributed collaborating with Dr. G. Alfieri (Hitachi Power Grids, Lenzburg, Switzerland) with the ab-initio calculations and the density functional theory. It was found that Cl and its complexes explain the reported effects of Cl-RIE treated GaN on hole density and ohmic contact resistivity.

This result is very important because Chlorine-based reactive ion etching (RIE) is a fundamental processing step for the manufacturing of next generation GaN semiconductor devices.

28 May

Prof. R. Micheletto, prof. Aki Tosaka and Kotaro Oikawa published "Cognitive Informatics in English and Japanese", edited by Kyoritsu Publishing, Tokyo, Japan. This is the textbook of prof. Micheletto autumn course "Cognitive Informatics" at YCU undergraduate school. This books gives the big picture vision of the principles by wich the brain works from the physicist point of view.

It introduces human perception, neural networks and the basics of artificial intelligence with hands-on programming examples in python and Octave language.

This book is written in English with parallel translation in Japanese on adjacent pages.


24 December

Yusuke Fjii

Prof. R. Micheletto and Master Student Yusuke Fujii visited Kyoto University department of Electronic Engineering. Y. Fujii made an informal colloquium with prof. Yoichi Kawakami about his research on the blinking phenomena in InGaN materials.

12-14 June

Osaka Prefecture University Prof. R. Micheletto was invited to the Osaka Prefecture University to give a series of classes in an intensive course with the title Cognitive Informatics based on his text book "Cognitive informatics in English and Japanese" (in print). The course was given at the Department of Electronics, Mathematics and Physics under the invitation of prof. Okamoto Koichi. Here is a picure of prof. Micheletto at a dinner with prof. Okamoto and other Department leaders pic.

16-22 May

Master student K Konno and R. Micheletto participated to the Vision Science Society annual meeting VSS 2019. Kazuki Konno presented a poster with the title "What are the features of shapes easy to remember in the visual search?" by K. Konno and R. Micheletto. The poster is available here: 1. This is a pictures of him at the poster presentation: pic and here a picture at work at the "demo night" event of the conference pic.


30 November

Master student Kahoko Takahashi contribuited to the book "Intelligent Computing", edited by K. Arai, K. Kohei, B. Supriya and R. Bhatia, published by Springer.

She contributed to the research article "Using a Hierarchical Temporal Memory Cortical Algorithm to Detect Seismic Signals in Noise" by R. Micheletto, Kahoko Takahashi and A. Kim. This work is part of the Proceedings of the 2018 Computing Conference held in London, GB (10-12 July 2018).

A quasi final version of the paper is here (link), while the final book version is online at Springer's link.

12 November

B4 student Yusuke Fujii contribuited to a research presented at the International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors (IWN 2018) held in Kanazawa, Japan. The presentation title was "Ab Initio Study of Substitutional Chlorine and Related Complexes in GaN" by Giovanni Alfieri, Yusuke Fujii and R. Micheletto. It was summarized in a poster (pdf) and abstract (pdf).

24-27 October

Takahashi Kahoko Prof. R. Micheletto and master student Kahoko Takahashi participated to The 28th Annual Conference of the Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS2018). She delivered a poster talk with the title Empirical mode decomposition for improved EEG signal classification with Convolutional Neural Network in Brain-Computer interface experiments by Kahoko Takahashi, Sun Zhe, Jordi Sol-Casals, Andrzej Cichocki, Anh Huy Phan and R. Micheletto. She also published a research abstract with the same title pdf.
Kahoko Takahashi together with Dr. Sun Zhe (former Micheletto laboratory member, now at RIKEN) and other coauthors worked in the field of Brain-Computer interfaces. They studied the detection of EEG brain signals and developed an elaboration using an original Convolutional Neural network. In particular, she demonstrated that with the use of advanced mathematical techniquels like Empirical Mode Decomposition, it is possible to improve detection and reduce the number of actual experiments needed for the training of the network.

5 October

Prof. Cristiano Giordani published: Simulation of the song motor pathway in birds: A single neuron initiates a chain of events that produces birdsong with realistic spectra properties by C. Giordani, H. Rivera-Gutierrez, Sun Zhe and R. Micheletto, link.
The neural pathway simulates the complete neural structure with few neurons, but it is able to reproduce recognizable bird sounds, here is an example in wave format audio. In this video the spontaneously emerging live dynamics of the network is noticeable (blocks hight represents membrane potential, the two rings the HVCs and RAs clusters and the horizontal block extension is the syrinx pressure). This study confirms experiments on animals and on humans, where results have shown that single neurons are responsible for the activation of complex behavior or are associated with high-level perception events.

30 August

The work of Tsutsumi Toshiaki, R. Micheletto, G. Alfieri and Y. Kawakami "The relation between optical instabilities and absorbed materialg in photoluminescence with [0001] InGaN single quantum well" has received an in-text citation in AIP Advances! In-text citation are like uber-citations, it means that the study has not only being read, but that it is deeply influential on other researcher, to the level that they felt the need to mention it directly in their report.

This is a link to the in-text citation pdf.

3 August

Master student K. Konno participated to the summer meeting of the Vision Society of Japan VSJ. He presented a posters with the title: "Influence on the Speed and Space Perception using Optical Illusions" by K. Konno and R. Micheletto.

The poster is available here: poster (Japanese).

10 July

Prof. R. Micheletto contributed to the book Future courses of Human Societies with a chapter "Nanotechnology and future technological evolutions". This books is about the long-term future evolution of human society from multiple points of view. Different chapters approach the influcence of different technologies on societies of the far future. Chapters are written by prominent scientists and researchers all over the world that are experts in the field. For example Dr. Claudio Capiglia, prof. Junichiro Fukai, prof. Vesselin Popovski and many others.

The volume is edited by prof. Kleber Ghimire who teaches topics related to Social Economy in YCU and contributed to the first chapter of the book "Future as an object of enquiry".

The book is published by the Taylor and Francis group and here is a link to the page describing the book.

24 May

Dr. Giovanni Alfieri (Ph.D. at ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland) published "Electrically active point defects in Mg implanted n-type GaN grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition" by G. Alfieri, V. K. Sundaramoorthy, and R. Micheletto.

The paper demonstrates for the first time the presence of at least nine electrically active levels in Mg implanted GaN. These defects are located below the conduction band edge, and their possible microscopic structure was discussed in the light of previous DFT simulations and other results in literature (link).

18-23 May

Prof. R. Micheletto participated to the Vision Science Society annual meeting VSS 2018. In collaboration with his Master student Kazuki Konno and graduated Tomoharu Nagahama he presented two posters. The first with the title "Psychophysical influence of visual perception on person’s behavior using optical illusions in a background" by K. Konno and R. Micheletto, the secondo one with title "Virtual Reality study of the influence of environment color and luminosity in depth perception " by T. Nagahama and R. Micheletto.

The poster are available here: 1 and 2. This is a pictures of prof. Micheletto at the poster presentation: pic.

17 May

Master Student Kahoko Takahashi participated to the "SSA 2018", the Seismological Society of the Americas annual meeting. She presented a work with the title "Detection of seismic signals under low SNR condition using an artificial neural network: toward the development of a dense low cost citizen seismic network in Japan" by K. Takahashi, H. Uematsu, Sun Zhe, R. Micheletto and A. Kim (poster). In the same meeting prof. Micheletto presented a poster with the title "Detection of Background Seismic Waves Anomalies With a Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) Cortical Algorithm" by R. Micheletto and K. Takahashi (poster). In this work prof. Micheletto addresses the possibility to use innovative Hyerarchical Temporal Memory algorithms to detect anomalies deeply embebbed in seismic signals noise (some introductory material about this research is here).

For her work Miss Takahashi got a Travel Grant prize (pic) !

26 March

Prof R. Micheletto was interviewed by the Italian National TV !! Here is a link to the video (in Italian, but you can watch it!).

Prof. Micheletto briefly describes his research topics in YCU.

Two students of prof. Micheletto's laboratory Nagahama Tomoharu and Ishizuka Ayaka collaborated to the realization of the film. There is a brief appearance of the cat Chaby too!

The interview was realized by Director Michele Cinque.


29 November

Master Student Kahoko Takahashi won the "Best Presentation Prize" at the 2017 meeting of the Seismological Society of Japan (SSJ). Under the direction of prof. Ahyi Kim she presented a new methodology for a dense and low-cost citizen seismic network in Japan. They are developing an innovative hardware based on efficient, small and low-priced seismic sensor coupled with a miniature computer.
This device is revolutionary because it should be placed not in dedicated laboratories, but in citizen houses or public places. A LAN connection allows communication to a central server that gathers data with the aid of an advanced neural network algorithm for precise and reliable detection.
For this project prof. Ahyi Kim group was already awarded a Yahoo Japan! "Internet of Things" prize and a "Novelty Goods" prize (see here).

The study exact data are these: title "Development of a low Signal/Noise ratio seismic device using an Artificial Neural Networks" by T. Takahashi, M. Matsumoto, T. Uematsu, R. Micheletto and A. Kim, The Seismological Society of Japan 2017 Fall Meeting, October 25-27, Kagoshima, Japan (2017), presentation code: S02-P04.

26 September

Dr. Kentaro Takatori (Ph.D. at Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Dr. Takayuki Okamoto (Advanced Devices Laboratory, Riken) published "Surface exciton polaritons supported by a J-aggregate-dye/air interface at room temperature" by K. Takatori, T. Okamoto, K. Ishibashi and R. Micheletto.

The paper introduces a new method to realize devices based on surface polariton exitons in a straightforward way at room temperature (*).

19-24 May

Prof. R. Micheletto participated to the Vision Science Society seventeenth annual meeting VSS 2017. He presented a work on cross-modal codification of images with sounds. The title of the poster presentation is "Cross-modal codification of images with auditory stimuli: a language for the visually impaired" of T. Kishino, Sun Zhe, R. Marchisio and R. Micheletto. This study is also summarized in a manuscript currently available in arXiv database.

Some pictures of the conference are here: pic (with prof. Igor Utochkin), pic (with prof. Jeremy Wolfe).

13 April

Prof. Mario D'Acunto published "Near field surface plasmon enhancement induced by rippled surfaces" by M. D'Acunto, F. Fuso, R. Micheletto, M. Naruse, F. Tantussi and M. Allegrini, on the Journal of Nanotechnology (here: link). The article was the result of a collaboration with a bilateral Italy-Japan project also in cooperation with prof. R. Micheletto.

24 March

Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe becomes doctor ! He was selected as best PhD of the year to receive the PhD directly from our dean prof. Kubota (here is a video of him receiving the price: video). His PhD thesis was about advanced and innovative neural networks and brain theory. Also he was working in the project of prof. Ahyi Kim and worked on the Citizen Seismic Network, an original collective low cost system to detect seismic waves in a distrubuted network helping them to win the Yahoo! Japan "Novelty goods" research prize !

Here are some other pictures of the PhD cerimony event: here with interfaculty Research director prof. Tachibana, and prof. Takayama pic1, with prof. Tachikawa and prof. Oikawa, head and vicehead of the Graduate School: pic2. Here Dr. Sun Zhe is in Riken with prof Cichocky pic3 that helped in the supervision and management of his research. Prof. Cichocki is the head of the Advanced Brain Signal Processing laboratory in Riken.

22-24 March

Prof. R. Micheletto chaired the session "Chemical Sensors and Optical Sensors" of the BIT's 5th AnalytiX international conference. The conference was held in Fukuoka Japan. He also gave a talk with the title "Optical Sensing at Critical Angle". Here is a link to the conference, where program and other details are available.

10 February

Master student Takahashi Kahoko got a special prize for her "best graduation presentation" in the department of Science.

She was working in the project of prof. Ahyi Kim and worked on the Citizen Seismic Network, an original collective low cost system to detect seismic waves in a distrubuted network.

For her work she was awarded two prizes (!) The Yahoo! Japan "Novelty goods" prize and the "Internet of Things" IoT prize. She used neural negtworks to optimize and improve the seismic network in collaboration with Dr. Sun Zhe and prof. R. Micheletto.

Here are some other pictures of the event (pic1, pic2).

15 January

Master student Toshiaki Tsutsumi published:

Applied Surface Science The relation between photoluminescence properties and gas pressure with [0001] InGaN single quantum well systems by T. Tsutsumi, G. Alfieri, Y. Kawakami and R. Micheletto, number 392, 256-259 (2017).

Here is a link to the article.


Our university classified 16th in the world as best university with less than 5000 students. We are number one in Japan as multi discipline university in the same ranking.

Here is a link to an article speaking about this.

4-8 Sept

Tokyo Institute of Technology Ph.D. candidate Kentaro Takatori participated to the 14th International Conference of Near-Field Optics, Nanophotonics and Related Techniques NFO-14 in Act City, Hamamatsu, Japan. He presented a work with the title "Indium-free organic solar cells using a plasmonic electrode" by K. Takatori, T. Nishino, T. Okamoto, H. Takei, K. Ishibashi and R. Micheletto, about a new technique to realize electrodes for organic solar cells.

5 August

Teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe participated to the 13th Annual Meeting AOGS 2016. Sun Zhe presented a work on constructing disaster mitigation community sensor network in Yokohama, Japan. This work was realized in cooperation with Ahyi Kim lab. See abstract here or download here.

1 August

Teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe published:

Nonlinear phenomena in complex systems Non-linear and threshold effects of synaptic connectivity on the correlation parameter of a system of two coupled neurons. by S. Zhe and R. Micheletto, number 19, number 2 (2016).

Here is a link to the article.

1 June

Teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe published:

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Noise influence on spike activation in a Hindmarsh-Rose small-world neural network by S. Zhe and R. Micheletto, number 49, number 28 (2016).

Here is a link to the article.

23 May

Teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe contributed to the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016. He worked on a research with the title "Development of the seismic signal detection method under low SNR condition using an artificial neural network". This work was realized in cooperation with Ahyi Kim lab. See abstract here or download here.

13-18 May

Teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe and prof. R. Micheletto participated to the Vision Science Society sixteenth annual meeting VSS 2016. Sun Zhe presented a work on the effect of perception of ambiguous pictures on Electro Encefalograms, detecting a novel N250 type signal during percept inversion, see abstract here and the poster here.

Prof. Micheletto presented a poster on the analysis of visual search of a target among random generated distractors. His results suggest that pre-attentive features in the target have a role in good distractors shapes and used an advanced computer vision technique (Generalized Hough Transform) to evaluate the presence of target features in distractors. See the abstract here, some supplemental material here and the poster here.

Some pictures of the event are at these links: prof. Jeremy Wolfe presentation pic1, prof. Micheletto at his poster pic2 and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe at his poster pic3.

8 April

Master student Kentaro Takatori (now Ph.D. Candidate at the Tokyo Institute of Technology) published:

"Indium-free organic thin-film solar cells using a plasmonic electode"

by Kentaro Takatori, Takayuki Nishino, Takayuki Okamoto, Hiroyuki Takei, Koji Ishibashi and Ruggero Micheletto

Journal of Physics D, Institute of Physics,
vol 49 (2016), 185106

The link to this paper is here. The research have been selected as the cover of the journal ! (journal cover on the left represents one of the plasmonic electrode produced by Mr. Takatori)

2 March

Prof. Cristiano Giordani partecipated to the 60th Annual meeting of the Biophysical Society, held from February 27 to March 2 at the Los Angeles convention Center, California, USA.

He presented a research with the title: "Resonances and Spectral Characteristics of a Neural Network for the Song Motor Pathway in Birds" by Cristiano Giordani, Hector Fabio Rivera-Gutierrez and Ruggero Micheletto.

The research was presented in a poster and appeared on the special issue of Biophysical Journal:

Biophysical Journal, vol 110, 3, supplement 1 (2016), p631a

The link to the abstract is here.


25 October

Prof. R. Micheletto and prof. Aki Tosaka published "Thermodynamics in English and Japanese", edited by Kyoritsu Publishing, Tokyo, Japan. This is the textbook of prof. Micheletto spring course "Thermodynamics" at YCU undergraduate school.

This book is written in English with parallel translation in Japanese on adjacent pages. It is unique in its genre for Kyoritsu Publishing and for Yokohama City University as well.

10 September

Teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate Sun Zhe collaborated with students of the Science Frontier High School for the realization of a robotic project to partecipate to the national selection of WRO 2015 (World Robotics Olympiad). The news arrived that his team were selected. Yamada Tokiya, Masuda Hisayuki and Mikata Kosuke from left to right in the picture not only were were selected, but they are gold medalist, first in Japan across all sections (!). Mr Sun Zhe developed partially software and supported technically the students together with the other Science Frontier teaching staff.

The three students and other teachers from Science frontier high school will be in Quatar for the world competition this November.

4 September

Prof. Micheletto left for a Sabbatical leave at the Visual Attention Laboratory, by the Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA. He will work in the group of prof. Jeremy Wolfe on themes of Psychophysics, a branch of sciences that study perception and cognition in humans to apply results in physics and engineerings.

Here are some pictures of prof. Micheletto with prof. Jeremy Wolfe: pic1, pic2.

Next prof. Micheletto's classes in YCU are scheduled for September 2016.

25 August

Prof. Robert Kanaly publishedi:

"Application of DNA adductomics to soil bacterium Sphingobium sp. strain KK22"

by R. Kanaly, R. Micheletto, T. Masuda, Y. Utsuno, Y. Ozeki and N. Hamamura,

MicrobiologyOpen, Wiley,

DOI:10.1002/mbo3.283, pag. 1-7 (August 2015)

The link to this paper is here.

10 July

Tomasz Rutkowski
Professor Tomasz Rutkowski director of the Brain Computer Interface Laboratory (Tara, Tsukuba university) visited prof. Micheletto group and his Cognitive Information Science laboratory. He gave a lecture in the framework of Yokohama City University faculty of science "Professors Room Seminars" program.
The seminar was held in the main class building from 14:30 to 16:00, in room 22. Title of the talk was "Student Teaching and Research Laboratory Focusing on Brain-computer Interface Paradigms", a link to the paper on which it is based is located here. A link with all recent works of prof. Rutkowski is here.

28 May

Andrzej Chichoski

Professor Micheletto visited prof. A. Cichocki, head of the laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing in Riken, Japan.

Prof. Cichocki is author of a fundamental book about tensor factorization, Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations, (Wiley, 2009) an emerging method to analyze complex and noisy big-data structures. They discussed about how to possibly collaborate to apply these mathematical techniques to analyze scientific data of different kinds, from material science to cognitive/brain science related data.

14 May

Published "Electronic properties of substitutional impurities in InGaN monolayer quantum wells" by G. Alfieri, T. Tsutsumi and R. Micheletto, Applied Physics Letters 106, 192102 (2015), here (pdf, 2Mb).

16-17 March

Prof. Ruggero Micheletto partecipated to the 6th Interdisciplinary Seminar for Optical Science, sponsored by the JSPS Bilateral Cooperation Program (Italy-Japan). The seminar was organized by prof. Takashi Yatsui of the University of Tokyo and prof. Takuya IIda of the Osaka Prefecture University.
Prof. Micheletto presented a talk with the title "Photonics and nanotechnology research in Yokohama City University" that was given on Tue 17 of March at about 11:45. The program of the meeting is located here (pdf, 0.1 Mb)

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